Shanghai YJ Cartridge Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experiences in product technology and has formed products with its own characteristics. In addition to meet the standards of various countries and regions, these products can also meet customers' unique standards, even in some particular, harsh conditions, these products can still remain their stable performances.
      In terms of material: We have selected the high quality materials. In addition to meet the safe, non-toxic, durable and strength material requirements, we have a strict assurance of our products that we can eliminate hidden risks of the deformation and fracture due to long time use.
      In terms of product structure design: We have fully considered the comfort, safety, and durability of our cartridges. In addition, our cartridges have a smooth silky hand feel, uniform flow, a smooth curve of temperature, slight noise, stable pressure durability and long service life,etc.Moreover, the hand feel of our cartridges remain silky smooth even when they are connected with hot water which is over 80℃.
      In short, we have already found a balance point between material strength and material safety; also between the structure and performance.  


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